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"Imagine that you have set for yourself the task of changing policy to improve life for today's society. How could you do so fairly? Although you could never please everyone and make decisions regardless personal biases and prejudices, Rawls suggests that you imagine yourself in an original position behind a veil of ignorance. Behind this veil, you know nothing of yourself and your natural abilities, or your position in society."

Veil of Ignorance places you in the position of three people with different income thresholds representing our society. You are forced to make real world decisions on policy that will help the individual to get the most out of live and reach social and financial security, based on your answers.

You will start your life as a high income person and lets see see what decisions you will make…

Published Dec 03, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagspolitics, vector


VeilOfIgnorance-Win.zip 13 MB
VeilOfIgnorance-Mac.zip 16 MB